Unions have expressed regret regarding the disruption caused by the teacher strike, which has affected students and their families. The unions involved in the dispute sought a resolution to satisfy teachers’ demands while ensuring quality education standards were met. However, after months of negotiations with school boards, no agreement was reached, and strike action became necessary.

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The unions said they understand the frustration caused by the disruption to learning and are sympathetic towards those who had planned family holidays or events around this period. They also acknowledged that some parents might not be able to arrange alternative plans for childcare or work commitments on such short notice.

Despite this, it is hoped that an agreement can still be reached soon and that any further disruption will be limited. The unions are committed to finding a solution that meets the needs of all parties to ensure quality education for students, fair wages and conditions for teachers, and stability for school boards.

In the meantime, many schools have set up alternative learning plans for students affected by the teacher strike to minimise disruption and maintain learning progress. Families are encouraged to stay updated on these changes as they occur.

The unions are hopeful that an agreement can be reached soon so that everyone can return to their regular routines with minimal disruption. They continue to express regret over any inconvenience caused by the teacher strike. They hope a resolution can be found so that it does not become necessary again.

With this in mind, the unions and school boards will continue negotiating in good faith until a satisfactory outcome is found. Until then, all parties are committed to ensuring that students remain safe and learning continues despite the disruption.

The unions reiterate their commitment to finding a resolution that works for everyone involved, including teachers, school boards, students and families. They understand the disruption caused by the strike action and hope an agreement can be reached quickly to avoid further inconvenience. In the meantime, affected schools have been providing alternative learning arrangements for students so as not to impede their progress. The unions remain hopeful that an amicable solution can soon be reached for all involved and that the disruption to students, families and teachers will be minimal.

The unions expressed their regret for any inconvenience caused by the teacher strike. They continue to urge all parties involved to remain committed to finding an equitable solution to provide quality education for students and fairness for teachers and school boards. They hope a resolution can soon be found so everyone can move forward without further disruption.

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