With the new school term underway, the government is stepping up its drive to improve attendance rates among pupils. Families will receive targeted support to help get their children into school daily, with new advice and innovative interventions being made available for schools.

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Working in partnership with councils, schools can offer targeted family support or home visits where there are barriers to attending school. This is just part of a package of new measures designed to ensure that more children are in school daily.

Other package elements include targeted support for individuals needing it and improved data tools to identify and solve consistent issues.

The Department for Education is also launching a three-year £10 million programme to support the development of Attendance Improvement Zones in up to 50 schools across the country. These zones will receive intensive support to help them improve attendance rates and tackle the underlying issues that can lead to pupils missing school.


Education Secretary Damian Hinds said:

\”Good school attendance is vital if children are to fulfil their potential. Every day of schooling missed can affect a child\’s attainment and prospects.\”

\”That\’s why we are taking action on several fronts, including targeted family support, innovative new interventions in schools, and improved data tools to ensure more children are in school every day.\”

In addition, according to the latest figures, the number of persistent absentees (those missing at least 20% of school) has fallen by more than 100,000 since 2010. However, there is still more to do, and the government is committed to ensuring that all children have the opportunity to attend school regularly and receive a high-quality education.

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