School leaders have warned that the government’s continued political chaos will lead to widespread teacher strikes, affecting the quality of education across the country.

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Ms Truss’ education secretary, Kit Malthouse, had been warned over potential industrial action by heads and teachers before the prime minister’s resignation, a move that headteacher Robin Bevan today said is “understandable but entirely avoidable.”

Schools are already struggling to cope with rising costs and dwindling resources, and Mr Bevan warned that further disruption caused by industrial action would only exacerbate these problems.

He called on the government to urgently address the root causes of school unrest and to work with teachers and heads to find a resolution before it’s too late.

The warning comes as the education system faces an uncertain future, with a new prime minister yet to be appointed and no clear plan for Brexit. With so much uncertainty at the top, it’s vital that the government provides some stability for schools and teachers, or else the quality of education will suffer.

According to Mr Bevan, “The last thing we need right now is for schools to be plunged into industrial action. But if the government doesn’t act quickly to address the underlying issues causing this unrest, that’s exactly what will happen.”


He added that “heads and teachers are not looking for a fight, but they will not stand by and watch as the quality of education in this country is diminished by political chaos.”

It’s time for the government to get its act together and start working with school leaders to find a way forward. Otherwise, the already fragile state of our education system could be seriously jeopardised.

In addition, the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) has said that it is “deeply concerned” about the potential impact of a no-deal Brexit on schools. General Secretary Geoff Barton warned that a no-deal scenario would be “catastrophic” for schools and called the government to rule it out immediately.

With so much uncertainty surrounding the future of education, the government must provide some stability for schools and teachers. Otherwise, the quality of education provision in this country will suffer.

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