Irina and Oleg’s son was born in Ukraine, but they decided to move him to safety as the war escalated. The couple left their home in Donetsk and travelled nearly 2,000 kilometres from the conflict zone.

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Upon arriving in Lviv, Irina and Oleg faced new challenges. With no family or connections, life in a foreign city proved overwhelming and uncertain. It seemed impossible for them to provide for their son without an income or steady employment opportunities.

But the couple found hope in their faith that things would get better with time. Although times were hard for Irina and Oleg, they stayed positive, knowing their young boy had much brighter prospects. They devoted themselves to creating a safe and loving environment for their son, ensuring he would have the best possible start in life. With time, the couple was able to find stable employment and carve out a new home for their family in Lviv.


Today, Irina and Oleg are thankful for all they’ve been able to provide for their son despite the difficult circumstances of war and displacement. They know that it is through his curiosity and resilience that he will continue to thrive and make the most out of his opportunities. The couple will always remember the tragedy of war but take comfort in knowing that their son has hope for a brighter future. ”Life can be tough, but we will never give up. Our son is our hope for the future.”

Despite the hardships and tragedy of war, Irina and Oleg remain hopeful for their son’s future. They see him as a symbol of resilience in the face of adversity and are proud to give him a chance at better opportunities than they had growing up in Ukraine. With hard work, dedication, and faith in one another, this family is determined to create a bright future for their son despite everything that has happened. “We may be far from home now- but our hearts will always remain with those we left behind.”