The cost of living crisis has forced many teachers to seek alternative sources of income. In some cases, this means having to take on a second job to make ends meet. Unfortunately, due to the nature of teaching positions, many educators can only find part-time or contract work that pays a fraction of their expected salary. This is understandably difficult for teachers with families and other financial obligations.

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In addition to the financial stress associated with extra work, these added hours can also place an emotional toll on the teacher. Taking time away from family and friends to make enough money to ‘keep eating’ is heartbreaking and stressful. It also takes away valuable time that could be spent pursuing other interests or even just taking a break to relax.

The cost of living crisis impacts teachers in ways that can’t be ignored, and solutions must be found soon. Until then, teachers must continue to find creative ways to make ends meet while still being able to do the job they love. Although it may not be easy, there is hope for educators struggling during this difficult time.


With support from local organisations, businesses, and individuals, we can help ensure that teachers don’t have to sacrifice their livelihoods to ‘keep eating. So let us all come together and show appreciation for these dedicated educators by providing them with their needed assistance. Together, we can make a difference.

The cost of living crisis is an issue that affects all members of our society, but when it comes to teachers, the impact can be particularly devastating. At a time when they should be focusing on their students, many are instead worrying about how they will pay the bills and keep food on the table. It’s a heartbreaking reality that no teacher should face, yet too many do due to rising living costs.

To alleviate this burden, those in positions to help must come together and lend our support. This means advocating for fair wages, increasing access to affordable housing options, providing tax incentives for teachers, and creating more funding opportunities for both public.

What should be done to help teachers in the cost of living crisis?

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