The number of graduates in teacher training in England is reaching a catastrophic level. According to the latest Department for Education figures, there has been a decline of almost 10% since 2017, and this trend shows no sign of reversing. This means that schools struggle to recruit new teachers with the right qualifications and experience to fill their classrooms. The lack of qualified teachers is having a knock-on effect on pupil attainment, as well as causing financial hardship for school budgets have to cover additional costs associated with recruiting from abroad or relying on supply staff.

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Furthermore, the government’s recruitment targets are not being met, leaving many vacancies unfilled in key areas such as special educational needs (SEN) and early years education. A recent survey of head teachers suggested that 88% were worried about the decline in teacher numbers, and 87% believed they would need to use an increased supply of staff to cover vacant positions.

The decline in teacher training graduates is a worrying trend that must be addressed to ensure our schools have the staff they need for successful teaching and learning. The government should look at increasing financial incentives for trainee teachers, addressing recruitment issues in specific subject areas, and improving support for early career teachers. It is also important that more young people are encouraged to consider teaching as a viable career option so that we can ensure our schools have access to the best possible talent. Without swift action, this crisis will only get worse.


These figures should act as a wake-up call for the government and education sector to take action to ensure that we can provide our pupils with the best possible teaching environment. Without addressing this issue, it could have long-term implications for the quality of education in EnglandTherefore. The government must take urgent steps to address this issue. We must ensure that our schools have qualified teachers in all areas and that those teachers are supported in their work so they can provide the best possible education for our pupils. Otherwise, we risk having a generation of students who do not receive the quality education they deserve. We cannot let this crisis go unchecked any longer. It is time for us to act now and ensure that teacher numbers stay at an acceptable level moving forward.

What do you think government officials should do to help these figures?

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