When it comes to budgeting for childcare, most parents understand that it can be an expensive endeavour. However, one Nottinghamshire mum got £4,000 worth of free nursery fees thanks to careful planning and savvy shopping.

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The mum, who wished to remain anonymous, took advantage of her employer’s childcare voucher scheme and used government tax credits to cover the cost. She saved a significant amount of money by taking these steps and has since provided her child with quality care without the worry of huge bills hanging over her head.


This case is far from unique. Many parents across the UK have taken advantage of similar schemes to save money on childcare costs. Employer schemes like the one mentioned above provide tax-free vouchers for parents to pay for registered childcare. Similarly, government tax credits can also help with the cost of looking after a child in certain circumstances.

Furthermore, there are quite a few steps that parents can take to ensure they only spend what is necessary when it comes to childcare. For example, some nurseries offer discounts for siblings or for signing up for extended hours. Additionally, many local councils run their schemes which can help reduce costs by providing free or discounted childcare places in certain areas.

It is possible to save high childcare costs if careful planning and research are done. By understanding how different childcare schemes work and what discounts are available, parents can ensure that they get the best deal regarding caring for their children.

No matter your budgetary constraints, there are always ways to ensure your child receives quality care without breaking the bank. With a little bit of know-how and savvy shopping, you too could save thousands on nursery fees as this Nottinghamshire mum did

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