The Institute for Fiscal Studies recently released a report that warned of a ‘significant squeeze’ on school budgets in England. The IFS found that spending per pupil will be at its lowest level since the mid-1990s by 2019-20, with only an extra £1 billion allocated to schools from 2018-19 and no growth in real terms per pupil over the next three years.

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Adding to this strain is that student enrollment has steadily risen over the past decade, meaning more students are competing for diminished resources. This could have serious consequences for educational quality and teacher recruitment, with teachers already facing mounting workloads and pressure due to rising class sizes.

The situation is particularly worrying given recent research showing England has the lowest education spending per student level out of all G7 countries. This means that even before this budget squeeze, English schools were already woefully underfunded compared to their peers in other developed nations/


The IFS report is a stark reminder of the pressure facing England’s schools and highlights the need for increased investment to ensure students receive a quality education. Without additional funding, teachers and students may struggle to cope with the diminishing resources, and more money must be put into our schools to maintain educational standards in this country.

It is therefore vital that the government address this issue as soon as possible and provide greater financial support to England’s schools to meet their students’ needs. Without additional investment, our education system may become unable to cope with the demands placed upon it, and our children’s future could be at risk.

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