A secondary school teacher has spoken about how her ADHD diagnosis helped her better understand and support the pupils she works with. Katie Roper, from Arnold in Nottinghamshire, was diagnosed with the disorder affecting concentration and focus in 2020. She has developed a series of workarounds to help her, including lists, digital planners, phone alarm reminders, and a colour-coded calendar.


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She said: \”I\’m open about my diagnosis at work. My students are lovely anyway – they\’re supportive. \”I think it\’s important for them to see that it\’s OK to struggle sometimes and that there are ways to manage it.\”


Roper added that she had found her diagnosis \”liberating\” in some ways, as it helped her understand and accept her challenges. She said: \”I\’m not sure I would have been able to be so open about it if I wasn\’t a teacher. \”But I think it\’s important for people to know that ADHD is real and that it can affect anyone – even successful, intelligent people.\”


According to the NHS, symptoms of ADHD can include being easily distracted, finding it hard to concentrate, impulsive behaviour and restlessness. The condition is thought to affect around 5% of school-age children in the UK but can often go undiagnosed in adults.


If your child may have ADHD, speak to your GP for advice.


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