The Scottish Government has announced ambitious targets to help schools and universities recover from the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Education Recovery Framework includes short, medium and long-term goals to ensure that students are academically and emotionally supported as they return to school or university.

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In particular, the framework will focus on reducing learning loss among pupils in their early primary school years. It also outlines a plan for mental health support, parenting advice and training for teachers who have been working hard under difficult circumstances this past year.

At the tertiary level, plans include providing additional support for apprenticeships and assisting those who may be at risk of dropping out due to financial hardship caused by the pandemic. Universities have also been asked to offer flexible learning options for students, including the potential for a blended approach that combines online and in-person teaching.


The Scottish Government has committed an additional £1.4 billion over the next four years towards education recovery efforts, with an estimated £300 million set aside specifically for Covid-19-related measures. Scotland’s Council has praised the nationwide efforts to help children return to school safely and successfully.

The Education Recovery Framework marks a significant step forward in helping ensure that pupils can make up lost ground due to coronavirus disruption while also providing essential support for young people as they face unprecedented challenges. Hopefully, this framework will help Scotland’s educational institutions get back on track and ready to tackle the future.

By promoting recovery measures in education, the Scottish Government has taken a proactive approach towards ensuring that students can continue to receive the support they need and deserve during this difficult time. With plans ranging from reducing learning loss among primary school pupils to providing additional assistance for apprenticeships, plus an extra £1.4 billion investment over four years, councils across Scotland have praised the commitment to helping children successfully return to school while supporting them emotionally and academically when doing so.

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