The Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills (Ofsted) recently released their findings on the state of school ratings in England. Hundreds of schools across England have lost their “outstanding” status after being reinspected by Ofsted.

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The re-inspections come as part of an effort to ensure that all schools provide quality education to students. It has been noted that some outstanding rated schools had yet to undergo inspection since they achieved the rating over a decade ago.

The results show that while 73% of primary and 63% of secondary schools are currently rated outstanding, there is room for improvement. To address this, Ofsted plans to introduce additional guidelines to help schools meet the standards for exceptional ratings.

These new guidelines will focus on developing teaching and learning and ensuring that all students have access to appropriate resources and are provided with an environment where they can learn safely, effectively and enjoyably. Hopefully, these changes will ensure that all schools across England can provide quality education for their students.

The results of the re-inspections have been met with mixed reactions from stakeholders in the education sector. While some believe it is necessary to ensure quality education, others argue that such measures could be detrimental if not implemented correctly. Regardless, it is clear that Ofsted is committed to maintaining high educational standards across England’s schools.


Ultimately, the outcome of the re-inspections shows that there is still work to be done for all schools across England to provide quality education. It remains to be seen how successful Ofsted’s new guidelines will be and whether or not they will help more schools achieve “outstanding” status. In any case, Ofsted remains committed to ensuring that English students receive the best possible education.

What do you think of the re-inspections? Are they necessary, or do you think there are better methods to ensure quality education in schools? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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