The Schools Bill, which was originally proposed in 2019 by the Department of Education, has been scrapped by the current education secretary. This bill had aimed to make sweeping changes to the UK’s education system, including making it easier for existing faith schools to select pupils based on religion and increasing the number of new grammar schools that could open. These plans sparked a fierce debate between those who supported the proposals and those who felt they would create an unfair advantage for certain students and divide communities.

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The education secretary announced today that he is scrapping the Schools Bill after reviewing its effectiveness. He said: “We feel this bill does not provide effective solutions for tackling key issues in our education system.”

He added that the government is now focused on other measures to improve education. These include increasing teacher resources, providing more educational opportunities for those from disadvantaged backgrounds, and encouraging greater collaboration between schools.


The Secretary of State called today’s announcement a victory for fairness in education and said he was proud to have taken this action. He said: “This decision is an important step towards creating an equitable school system which works in the best interests of all our children.”

The scrapping of the Schools Bill has been welcomed by many who had previously expressed their opposition to it, with some hailing it as a victory for fairness and equality in education. However, others have warned that further effort will be needed to ensure the UK’s education system remains accessible and equitable for all.

It remains to be seen what impact today’s announcement will have on the future of education in the UK, but one thing is certain: education reform is far from over. The government will continue to work towards creating a school system that works for everyone, regardless of their background or beliefs.

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