White House officials are growing increasingly alarmed about the energy crisis in Europe and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s threats to force a bleak winter on the continent.


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Seeking to punish Russia for the invasion of Ukraine and force a retreat, Western allies have moved to set a cap on what buyers pay for Russian oil. Last week, Putin said Russia would retaliate by cutting off gas and oil shipments, which could devastate Europe’s economy and hurt the United States by sending global energy prices soaring.


U.S. officials believe Putin’s bellicose rhetoric is at least partially a bluff, as Russia needs the revenue from energy exports to sustain its economy. However, they are still taking his threats seriously and are working with European allies to find alternative energy sources in case of a disruption.

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The White House is also concerned about the potential for social unrest in Europe if people face a long, cold winter without adequate heat or light. Putin has said that he is willing to “make Europeans’ lives uncomfortable” if they continue to oppose him, and officials believe he could follow through on that promise.


In addition to the immediate concerns about the energy crisis, U.S. officials are also worried about the long-term impact of Russia’s aggression on European unity. If Putin can exploit divisions between European countries, it could weaken the NATO alliance and make it harder for the United States to protect its interests in Europe.


For now, the White House is focused on working with allies to find a diplomatic solution to the crisis in Ukraine. But as the situation deteriorates, they are making contingency plans in case Putin makes good on his threats.


According to White House officials, Putin’s recent threats have caused alarm in the United States and among its European allies. The potential consequences of Russia following through on its promises are dire and could significantly impact the global economy. The White House is currently working with European allies to find alternative energy sources in case of disruption and to prepare for the possibility of social unrest. In addition, they are also concerned about the long-term impact of Russia’s aggression on European unity and the NATO alliance.


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