Many parents of children with special needs are frustrated, angry, and helpless as they struggle to recoup the educational services lost due to Covid-19. For many families of children with disabilities, remote learning has been inadequate in meeting their child’s individualised needs. In addition, many school districts have had difficulties providing these students the necessary resources and support.

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Parents are now fighting an uphill battle to make sure their children receive the services they need to learn and thrive while maintaining safety during this pandemic. Federal law mandates special education, but school districts may be reluctant or unable to provide more services than in a typical year. As a result, parents must take matters into their own hands to ensure their children receive the necessary education services.

One way parents can do this is to advocate for their child’s educational rights. Parents should become familiar with federal and state special education laws and any changes due to Covid-19 that may be relevant to their situation. Researching the district’s policies, procedures, and resources related to special education can help parents understand what options are available and whether they may need additional support from outside sources.

Another option is to seek out remote or in-person tutoring services that can provide specialised instruction tailored specifically to a student’s needs. Many organisations have adapted their programs during the pandemic to ensure students continue receiving quality instruction while maintaining safety protocols.


Lastly, parents should communicate with their child’s teachers and other school personnel to ensure their child receives the appropriate services. Parent-teacher conferences, email correspondence, and phone calls can help ensure everyone is on the same page and working together to meet a student’s needs.

Ultimately, it is the responsibility of every parent to make sure their children receive the best educational services possible despite the unprecedented circumstances we are facing due to Covid-19. By familiarising themselves with special education laws and resources available, advocating for their child’s rights, seeking out supplemental services when necessary, and staying in close contact with school personnel, parents can help ensure their children get what they need to learn and grow.

Covid-19 has created a difficult situation for parents of children with special needs, but they don’t have to struggle alone. With the right strategies and resources, parents can ensure their child continues receiving the special education services they need and deserve.

What strategies can be implemented to help?