The UK’s National Union of Students (NUS) has asked Chinese students in the United Kingdom to “resist distorting” China’s Covid-19 policies. The statement, released on 2 November, was prompted by a recent report by Amnesty International, which accuses China of persecuting doctors who raised early warnings about the virus.

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The NUS noted that while it supported the right of Chinese citizens to freedom of speech and assembly, it asked that Chinese international students “respect their host country” and not engage in activities that could be seen as hostile or detract from efforts to contain the virus. It also stated that any action taken should be “by local laws” as failure to do so could put Chinese students in “potential legal jeopardy.”


The statement encouraged Chinese international students who have questions or concerns about the situation back home to seek assistance from their university’s student welfare services or other sources. It also said that all UK universities should ensure that they provide a safe and supportive environment for all of their students, regardless of nationality.

By advocating respectful discourse on Covid-19 policies, this statement will help promote understanding, encourage dialogue between different nationalities, and support efforts to contain the virus globally. This sentiment was echoed by NUS President Zamzam Ibrahim, who said: “We must support our members to understand these issues and engage with them responsibly.”

The statement is the latest in a series of measures UK universities took to support their international students in light of the pandemic. It also serves as an important reminder that while we may have different views, it is essential to maintain respect and civility when discussing such matters. Hopefully, this statement will help foster greater understanding and cooperation between the Chinese student population in the UK and other stakeholders.

The NUS has also called on all Chinese students studying abroad to be mindful of their responsibilities as global citizens and work towards building a respectful international community. In times of crisis, we must come together to combat the challenges we face. By showing respect for one another, regardless of background or nationality, we can ensure a better future for us all.

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