A mother who lost her baby after getting Covid-19 while she was pregnant has urged other pregnant women to get vaccinated.


Toni Dennan lost baby Darcey at the end of 2020 before the vaccine was available.


She and her husband Lee wanted to share their story so that Darcey’s legacy would be to save other babies.


Near the pandemic’s start, the couple discovered they were having a baby.


Toni said it was “amazing”.


“It was something we were happy about and wanted, so we were delighted.”


A 20-week scan revealed they were having a girl.


“We knew we were calling her Darcey from that moment,” said Toni.


However, at 29 weeks pregnant, Toni started to feel unwell.


A test revealed she had Covid-19. She was admitted to the hospital and put on a ventilator.


Baby Darcey was born by emergency Caesarean section, but she died two days later.


“We’re just heartbroken,” said Toni. “She was perfect in every way.”


Lee said it had been “the darkest time of our lives”.


“Nobody should have to go through what we’ve been through,” he said. “It’s just absolutely tragic.”


The couple is now urging other pregnant women to get vaccinated against Covid-19.


“If it can save just one baby’s life, then it will be worth it,” said Toni.

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Pregnant women are classed as clinically vulnerable and are advised to take up the offer of a vaccine when it is made available to them.


The government says there is no evidence the vaccine harms pregnant women or their babies but advises that clinicians discuss the benefits and risks with patients before vaccination takes place.


Dr Mary Ramsay, head of Public Health England, said: “We would strongly urge all pregnant women to take up the offer of vaccination when it’s their turn.”


Toni and Lee said they hoped sharing their story would encourage other pregnant women to get vaccinated.


“If our story can help save one baby’s life, then that’s what we want,” said Toni. “Darcey will always be our little girl, and we’ll never forget her.”


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