A new study reveals that pupils with poor mental health are three times more likely to miss lessons. This alarming statistic demonstrates the importance of adequate support in schools, especially for teenagers and young adults. Research suggests that access to therapeutic services and resources can help improve students’ well-being and reduce the incidence of absences due to these problems.

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Schools should provide psychological services such as counselling, art therapy and peer support programs to address pupils’ mental health issues. Schools must also ensure that their staff are adequately trained to recognise signs and symptoms of common mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder so that they can refer these students for appropriate treatment.

Creating an environment conducive to learning is essential. Schools should encourage open dialogue between teachers and students to foster a sense of trust and connectedness. Furthermore, teachers should use positive reinforcement rather than punitive measures or criticism when addressing behaviour issues in the classroom. This can help create an atmosphere that is conducive to learning, which may further reduce absences.

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Schools must take proactive steps towards improving pupils’ health, as this can have long-term implications for their academic performance and future success. Mental health support in schools must be a priority if we are to ensure that all students have access to the quality education they deserve. Overall, the data from this study reveals that more must be done to ensure students’ mental health needs are met in schools. With adequate support and resources, we can create a culture of acceptance and understanding in our classrooms while reducing the number of absences due to poor mental health. Providing quality mental health care in schools is essential to ensuring all pupils are given a chance to succeed.

What else can schools do to help pupils?

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