When Joi Mitchell saw an ad for Saga Education, she wasn\’t sure what it was. But she clicked on it anyway. \”I was running away from teaching because my whole family are teachers,\” she said. \”But I always wanted to work with kids.\”Saga Education is a nonprofit that provides high-impact tutoring in schools. And Joi, who had just graduated from college, was exactly the person they were looking for.

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\”Our approach is very different from traditional tutoring,\” said Saga Education CEO and Founder Bror Saxberg. \”We focus on the student\’s learning process, not just on the content they\’re trying to learn.\”

Joi was assigned to tutor a student named Amir. When she first met him, he was in the second grade and reading at a first-grade level.


\”I was nervous,\” Joi said. \”I didn\’t know if I could do it.\”

But with Saga\’s help, she learned how to break down the material and make it understandable for Amir. And by the end of the year, he had caught up to his peers and was reading at a third-grade level.

\”It was such a relief,\” Joi said. \”I realised I could make a difference in these kids\’ lives.\”

Since then, Joi has tutored several other students, all with similar results. And she\’s not the only one.

Saga Education has found that its tutoring model is highly effective at combating learning loss, especially for students from low-income backgrounds. Their students see an average gain of 2.5 months in reading and math skills per year.

\”It\’s so gratifying to see our tutors\’ impact on these kids\’ lives,\” said Saxberg. \”They\’re not just improving academically, but also gaining confidence and a love of learning.\”

And that\’s something that Joi can attest to.

\”I\’ve seen firsthand how much of a difference tutoring can make,\” she said. \”It\’s been life-changing for the students I\’ve worked with and me.\”

If you\’re interested in learning more about Saga Education or becoming a tutor, visit their website at sagaeducation.org.

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