The Ipswich Homework Club is a unique project that helps local children reach their full potential. The club is free for all registered pupils and offers them an opportunity to access resources, support, and guidance on various topics, including English, Maths, Science and Technology. It also provides workshops to help the kids develop their understanding of specific subject areas.

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Each week the club’s volunteers work with groups of up to 10 students at a time to ensure they receive individual attention. The sessions are tailored to the needs of each student so that they can progress at their own pace and make sure that any gaps in knowledge are filled quickly.

The team behind the Ipswich Homework Club has been working hard since it started a few years ago and has been able to bring children on leaps and bounds in their education. The focus for the team is not only on helping them do well academically but also giving them the social skills they need to be successful in life.

The mission of the Ipswich Homework Club is to create an environment where all local students have access to support and guidance that will help them reach their full potential. It has succeeded in this endeavour, with many pupils excelling in school and beyond! The club’s volunteers are passionate about providing each child with a positive learning experience while fostering a love of learning in a safe and caring environment.


Overall, the Ipswich Homework Club has been incredibly successful, enabling children in the local area to reach their next level of education. The team is dedicated to continuing this success and helping as many children as possible achieve their goals. As such, we urge you to help support this fantastic project by donating today!

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