The IPGCE at Derby is a Professional Masters Level Qualification

Research to find an institution and course that suits your needs and interests before enrolling.

This internationally recognised postgraduate qualification will be unique in its flexibility, it will allow you to study a number of optional areas such as applied pedagogy, evaluating learning, and curriculum challenges, from an international perspective. Furthermore, there will be an option to undertake a module dedicated to inclusion and understanding differences, a highly topical area in the modern teaching environment. 

The increasing number of international schools employing EFL teachers, or EAL instructors, as they are known in the UK mainstream system, and the greater numbers of EFL experts seeking such well-paid and secure employment this expanding sector provides suggest that the iPGCE approach may be worth considering, not least because it generally costs the same or less than. Delivery is almost always entirely online or in a blended-learning format. Another advantage is that the courses are credit-bearing, so the institution you attend may count them toward a Master’s degree in the subject.

The main state-teaching certificate, with certain variations, is used in the United Kingdom’s four constituent nations. On the other hand, the international versions are meant for teachers working in mainstream education in foreign countries, particularly those who teach English as a second language. The credential does not give qualified teacher status (QTS), like national certification.

“The iPGCE route is worth considering because it generally costs the same or less than a CELTA or TESOL.”

Before enrolling in an EFL teaching course, EFL instructors should study the course descriptions carefully since there are many variations in past work experience requirements, modes of delivery, and subjects. In general, they fall into two categories. First, some follow the British PGCE model, focusing on age groups and disciplines while incorporating effective teaching.

Secondly, some take a more academic approach, adopting the principles utilized by nations like Finland, as stated by the Finnish teachers’ union: “Teacher education is based on research and aims to produce critically thinking experts and pedagogues.”

These types may be particularly useful for those from an EFL/EAL background currently working in international schools, often as teaching assistants, but who want to expand their job opportunities by getting a qualification which allows them, for example, to teach the subject that they studied for their first degree. Want to find out more from Derby? 

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For many, the iPGCE is seen as a way of “topping up” their skills to make themselves more employable.

If you love teaching and want to improve, the IPGCE course is for you. It focuses on improving professional practice for international educators through critical reflection and research.

You will compare teaching approaches in different countries and develop a global approach to education. It does not matter what age or subject you teach – the PGCEi is relevant to all curricula and phases. 

The IPGCE has always been a blended course with elements of face-to-face teaching combined with asynchronous distance learning. We have responded to Covid-19 and the continuing high demand for this course by enhancing the integrated nature of the programme to remodel the elements taught in person before the pandemic.

You will interact with tutors and other students in an immersive digital environment in groups and on a one-to-one basis throughout the course. These meetings will support your engagement with expert-taught course content over the 11 months of the programme. 

The IPGCE is a Level 7 qualification on the UK National Qualifications Framework and carries 60 credits which can be used towards a Master’s degree.

There are several reasons why the IPGCE is seen as the best way to transition into intentional teaching. Firstly, the qualification is widely recognized and highly respected. Secondly, it is relatively affordable and can be completed entirely online or in a blended-learning format. Thirdly, the courses are credit-bearing, so the institution you attend may count them toward a Master’s degree in the subject. Finally, the new IPGCE with IQTS provides teacher training focusing on age groups and disciplines while working.

Educators from more than 80 countries have studied our IPGCE, taught by expert tutors with various specialisms. As a graduate, you will be joining a large network of more than 3,000 teachers worldwide.

As the website for the IPGCE at the University of Derby (£2,625) explains: “If you are an EAL teacher and teach full-time (or close to full-time) in school, you will benefit from this programme.”

This makes it the perfect qualification for those who want to transition into international teaching.

After reading about all the great benefits of moving to a new country to teach, you can apply for an international teaching job if interested. Look at the jobs page above to find out more, or add me on WeChat by scanning the QR code. Apply for the IPGCE here