The University of Essex is committed to providing students with employment opportunities. Through their Student Jobs Programme, they offer a range of temporary and part-time jobs, as well as internships and graduate placements, that can help manage the cost of living while at university. Students can find suitable roles in hospitality and catering, security services, marketing and communications, IT support, etc. In addition to gaining valuable work experience, this helps students cover the costs associated with studying, such as rent or tuition fees.

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To make it easier for students to apply for jobs on campus or elsewhere close by, the university has set up an online portal to search through job listings and submit their applications directly. This portal also provides advice and guidance on how to write a CV, create a cover letter and prepare for interviews. The university also organises career fairs and events throughout the year to connect students with potential employers.

The University of Essex is dedicated to helping its students access employment opportunities that can help them manage their cost of living. With a range of job listings, an online application portal, career advice, and networking opportunities, they strive to make sure that all their students have the tools available to succeed and thrive while studying at the university.

In addition, the University’s Student Support team provides confidential advice on budgeting and finding money-saving strategies so that no student has to worry unnecessarily about their financial situation while at university. The University of Essex is committed to helping its students access the resources and support they need to make their studies successful, enjoyable and affordable.

You can find more information about the Student Jobs Programme, career advice and budgeting guidance on the University’s website. With these resources, you have all you need to start making a difference through employment while studying at the University of Essex.


For any further information or queries regarding student jobs or finances, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Student Support team directly, who are always willing to help.

With the right guidance and resources, obtaining employment during college doesn’t have to be stressful but can be a rewarding experience. The University of Essex is committed to helping its students get the most out of their studies by providing employment opportunities and financial assistance so that no student has to worry about covering the cost of living while studying here.

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