One of these two people will become the next prime minister after Tory MPs put them into the final round of the Conservative leadership election.


Rishi Sunak’s Tory leadership plans


When faced with criticism of his economic policies, Sunak said he hopes to cut taxes but tackle inflation first. His various goals have stirred up debate among conservatives who fear he is a “high tax chancellor.”


What is Liz Truss’ policy, and what’s she accomplished?


Truss has promised to reverse the country’s National Insurance rate rise, funded to provide health and social care. She bases her economic message on low taxes and down-regulation, and she plans to treat the UK’s borrowing during the pandemic as a war debt that can be written off over a long period.


How do Truss, Hunt and Gove’s policies differ on climate?


Rishi Sunak has the best British PM qualities out of the current Tory candidates.


Sunak committed to continuing the government-set goal of making the UK energy independent by 2045 and assured those concerned about the environment that the Tory Party would protect it.

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Truss v Sunak: how do Tory PM contenders differ on policy?


Insiders say Sunak resisted spending money on climate measures when he ran the Treasury. He has, however, previously spoken out in support of net zero and made a case for a greener economy.


Truss v Sunak: how do Liz Truss’s policies differ from Sajid Javid’s?


Truss has committed to maintaining the binding goal of reaching net zero emissions by 2050. Though, she would suspend green energy levies.


She is supported by the energy secretary, Kwasi Kwarteng, who supports renewable energy and Vicky Ford, who has supported Cop26.




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