Harry Styles is known for his love of pearls. The latest Harry Styles news has led to people who love him clutching their pearls. Texas State University will offer a course called Harry Styles and the Cult of Celebrity: Identity, the Internet and European Pop Culture in a few months.


Dr Louie Dean Valencia, an associate history professor and author, teaches a class on how the singer and actor’s career relates to these topics: fashion, fan culture, media, consumerism, and internet culture.


A celebrity studies course might sound worrisome, but it’s been around for centuries. Greg Jenner’s book Dead Famous details how widely this new course is available throughout the US and in recent decades. It all started in the 18th century.


Fame and celebrity are two different things. Fame is the emergence of daily newspapers, whereas celebrity is fame with dramatic flair.

My teenage nieces waited in line for nine hours, only to have food delivered to them by their mother. I got messages from them that were far longer than this piece. These messages had information about the star’s forthcoming projects and a warning that they were still very hush-hush.


With the cuts to humanities being made in the UK, it is striking to see a course focused on popular culture. The government believes there needs to be a clear line between learning and employment; however, this is impossible.

Historically, as long as education has been a useful experience for students, it has not been an issue to study eloquence.


Richard Hamer’s translation of The Dream of the Rood has a line that involves gems that depicts “ancient strife of wretched men”. An analysis of contemporary figures and their popularity seems fitting for this subject.

The best answer to the question “is art?” depends on which book you like more, and your preference will depend on personal taste.

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Dr Valencia is excited about the upcoming classes he will teach. His media posts about them are contagious and are more importable than the content of the classes.


What are your thoughts on this new course? Is it reasonable? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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