To rejoice Argentina’s Earth Cup victory 8 times in the past, today’s puzzles are set by Rodolfo Kurchan, an internationally renowned puzzle inventor and creator from Buenos Aires.

1. Messi maths

Swap the ten letters of the following sum with the 10 digits ,1,2, … 9, such that the sum is right. Each individual letter represents a one of a kind digit. There are two remedies, so uncover the a person with the most significant MESSI.


2. A video game of 4 sections

For each of the five duties underneath, you need to divide a sq. into 4 elements that have the exact form, but whose sizes are established by the next statements:

i) All 4 styles are the exact same sizing.

ii) Only three are the similar dimensions.

iii) Two are the similar measurement, and the other two are also the very same dimension (but a various measurement from the initially two).

iv) Two are the identical measurement, and the other two are diverse measurements.

v) No two components are the identical size.

Here’s a resolution for the initial one. The square is divided into four triangles that are the very same shape, and the exact same size.


For clarification: within just just about every solution, the four pieces need to have the same shape. It is only their sizes that may possibly alter. On the other hand, each remedy may require a various form. One particular option fits properly together the traces of a 12 x 12 sq., one particular on a 10×10 square, and one particular will involve triangles.

Be aware: the fifth one particular is exceptionally difficult. Occur back for the answer later on.

3. Snake paths

Your target in this puzzle is to make a path of digits in a 5×5 grid that goes 1,2,3,4,5 and then repeats the digits in a loop. The route can begin in any mobile, and moves horizontally or vertically, but in no way diagonally, and can not cross itself. Digits cannot repeat in the exact same row or column (just like Sudoku). Here’s an instance of a path of size 12.

The path stops because there is nowhere to put the 3 without breaking the rule of not repeating numbers in the same row or column.
The route stops simply because there is nowhere to set the 3 devoid of breaking the rule of not repeating quantities in the exact same row or column.

Can you uncover a route that has duration 19, the maximum attainable?

Extra challenge: What is the longest path you can make in a 7×7 grid beginning with 1 and then repeating the numbers after you get to 7?

I’ll be back at 5pm Uk with the options.

Remember to NO SPOILERS (although providing ideas and hints is great).

Thanks to Rodolfo for providing today’s puzzles. To discover out more about him here’s his site, and if you are strolling down Buenos Aires you can check out his philately shop.

Ultimately, festive very best needs to every person who reads these puzzles. This 12 months, the column been given 4 million web page views, practically double the total it acquired in 2021. In preserving with the journalistic tradition of ‘best of the year’ lists, the a few most preferred posts ended up this a single about Elon Musk, this a person about engineering, and this Oxford university admissions concern. Many thanks to anyone who has enjoyed the puzzles, corrected my problems and despatched in ideas. Keep them coming, and see you in 2023!

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