Business leaders have been urged to take a hands-on role in reducing energy use in their businesses through ‘spot checks. The advice comes from leading business organisation X. It follows research indicating that staff are more likely to act responsibly about energy consumption if they know their company is actively monitoring usage.

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“It’s important for company leaders to be seen taking an active role in cutting energy use,” said X spokeswoman Y. “It sends a message throughout the organisation that this is something they take seriously, which can help drive positive behaviour change.”

Y suggested that business leaders make regular ‘spot checks’ on areas where there may be potential for savings – such as making sure computers and other electrical items are switched off at the end of the day or taking note of any rooms that seem to be excessively heated or cooled.

“It’s not always easy for employees to make changes to their habits and practices,” said Y. “But if they know their leaders are actively keeping an eye out for potential opportunities to reduce energy use, it can help create a culture where everyone is aware of their responsibility in helping the company save money – and help the environment too.”

By introducing regular spot checks on energy usage, business leaders can ensure that any areas which could be improved are quickly identified – saving both money and resources in the long run.

“It’s an easy way to make sure energy savings are being made and can help create a culture of sustainability within the business,” said Y. “By taking this proactive stance, company leaders can make sure they’re doing their part in helping to reduce emissions and make a positive contribution to the environment.”

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