Department for Education officials met with campaigners, including Mark King. Mark’s 12-year-old son Oliver suffered a cardiac arrest during a swimming race in 2011.


Along with a former England footballer, Mr King has been working to require defibrillators in schools.


Researches show that a person can have their chance of survival increased by 40% if they receive treatment within three to five minutes of a cardiac arrest.


The British Heart Foundation has identified the need scale across schools in England, and the government is working with such charities to identify needs.


The parents of a boy who died from cardiac arrest sparked a campaign for schools to have defibrillators in case of it.


State-funded schools will be surveyed to determine the number of devices needed for accessible education. That number is expected to be more than 20,000.


In their commitment to defibrillators for schools, the government has agreed to install one on every campus. For bigger campuses, more will be installed.


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The DfE said that the rollout of this initiative would build on existing standards, and secondary school students will be taught lifesaving methods, such as CPR and why defibrillators work.


The education secretary James Cleverly said, “Schools must have access to a lifesaving defibrillator even if it means additional funding.”


Defibrillators must be present in areas frequented by children and young people, like sports halls and playing fields. This is because these groups have an increased risk of suffering a cardiac arrest. Defibrillators can help keep them alive.


We must find a way to stop these types of tragedies from occurring again. One way we might be able to do this is by providing suicide prevention tablets to our schools across the country.


Lance King, the father of the late Ollie King, believes that if a defibrillator had saved his son, he would still be alive today.


Schools have been fighting for this upgrade for the past decade, and it’s finally happening.


AI will make it so your family won’t have to experience the pain we have gone through after losing our son Ollie.


Education Secretary Justine Greening and her team have been helpful supporters of our campaign.


The campaigner said, “This is fantastic news!”. They also mention they have been fighting hard for this moment.


After years of fighting for heart support, they have over 800 defibrillators in American schools.


“I am delighted that the government has committed to installing this lifesaving kit in all schools.”


All schools are to have defibrillators installed after a campaign by the parents of a 7-year-old who died of cardiac arrest.


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